Heath Perry MS, RD 

25 years as a leading health educator in Miami, Denver, LA, and Ojai

Big Sur AcroYoga

“In the simplest of terms, I am a conscientious and effective guide for LIVIN’ a life of vitality. I like to help people overcome the real obstacles of injuries, insecurities, addictions and every issue and excuse that comes up to keep us from being our most vibrant, confident and happy selves. Through personal training, therapeutic movement classes, nutrition education, Selfcare retreats and an online health program I try to offer a full spectrum of guidance and support to those trying to shift to the lifestyle of health and vitality they’ve always wanted.”


Julie Anne Shapiro – CEO & Founder – Magnetizing Love    “I have been training with Heath Perry for several months now and can honestly say he is the best trainer I have ever come across. A combination of his extensive knowledge of the body, his varied and fun sessions and his gentle and encouraging, yet motivating and upbeat manner make him truly unique. Every session is different with Heath and I find myself becoming stronger, fitter and learning things I never dreamed possible each time.  Everything from resistant band-work, floor work, yoga moves, running and cardio, postural and balance work to playing frisbee and learning forward rolls and backbends! He uses a wonderful, wholistic approach, taking care not to strain or injure the body.  Each session ends with a “gratitude” exercise, taking energy in and giving a little back….and all of this in a beautiful setting in nature, by the ocean.  A truly wonderful part of my day, it is a pleasure to know Heath.”