livin_logo_png2.png                                                    A Life of Vitality

“The Livin’ Online Program is like receiving the ultimate gift towards health and happiness one download at a time.”  Michelle C. – Montecito, CA

  13 Levels ~ 3 Months

You will receive a personalized, step by step program, that you will help design, to make sure it fits your needs & limitations. It begins exactly where you are, and takes you towards where you want to be over the course of a season. We have two levels:

DIY(Do-It-Yourself) Unguided Program – We provide the template, the fundamentals and sourcing, you build it yourself. Communication is limited to the first week, so you need some level of experience and ability to choose this option. 

NSH (Need-Some-Help) Guided Program – This option will provide you with an expert guide the whole way. Unlimited questions, weekly email checkins, and monthly face to face skype sessions. This program is about keeping you accountable, on-course, and motivated.

Either program you choose, we’ll help you change your life, not through rigidity, but flexibility. Not through discipline, but through passion. 

Our guidance will provide you with the tools, motivation & clarity to help you build the life you want. When YOU build it, you reap ALL the rewards, extrinsic & intrinsic. This is very self-empowering and has an everlasting effect.

This is LIVIN’  


KEY FEATURES OF A Life of  Vitality:


-A general exercise strategy – keys to success and adherence

-Weekly videos – therapeutic, functional strength & flexibility training

-Tips related to developing a more consistent, productive & enjoyable relationship to exercise



-A general nourishment protocol – keys to success and adherence

-Weekly simple recipes, cooking, prepping, fermenting, sprouting ideas

– Tips for travel, boosting nutritional value, sourcing, eating out, work lunches, etc.



-A general lifestyle plan – keys to success and adherence

-Weekly media around anything and everything that can have a positive or negative effect on your health

-Tips for home, vacation, communication, cleaning, love, purchasing, arts, entertainment, nature, community & fun!


Also includes:

-Daily downloads through all forms of media to reinforce and help keep you motivated on your path

Included in the Fully Guided Program:

-Personalized Meal Plans, Exercise Prescription and Selfcare Programming

-Essential Home Exercise Equipment (the best quality exercise/yoga mat, stability ball, mayfascial release ball, and resistance bands – valued  around $150 on Amazon)

-Weekly private email communication for extensive accountability, reflection and feedback

-Monthly skype or phone private coaching sessions with Heath Perry MS, RD, for more in-depth guidance and motivation.


How it Works

Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a:

-Health History Questionnaire

-Current & Optimal Lifestyle Assessment Form 

-Daily Activity, Nutrition & Lifestyle Journal Template  that you’ll send in each week for feedback.

With these we’ll create ever-evolving  movement and nutrition programming,  along with lifestyle re-patterning based on your needs, goals, and limitations, continually expanding and shifting the programming on a weekly basis for full accountability and feedback. 

We use the unique Lifestyle Journaling technique, Daily Download videos, and personal accountability measures via emails and skype to help overcome obstacles and keep you on track with the goals you set at the start of the program. It’s the most important shift you can make in life because it positively affects everything else. This is why every participant must complete a Task and Question each week in order to move to the next level. Accountability to the highest degree. You have to earn it.


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Do-It-Yourself Program