Intuitive Movement

Intuitive Movement is when you treat your physical body like it’s your one true life long home. Because it is! And you need to take care of it. All exercise should be therapeutic, productive and enjoyable.

Most people fall in to one of two categories when it comes to taking care of their body physically:

1st type of person – Wants to look good, feel good and function well, but is not spending much time or effort on a consistent basis to facilitate these desires. Much of the day consists of sitting in front of a computer, in a car or watching TV. The effect is the muscles are weak and inflexible, the joints are deteriorated and in-pain, the fascia is immobile and herniated and percentage of body fat is on a continual steady rise.

These essential body components are what allow us to be mobile and function well. When they are not taken care of properly, so goes the  ability to exercise, dance, play sports, and move freely.

2nd type of person – Wants to look good, feel good and function well, but is beating their body up and pushing themselves to their limits in every aspect of their life. Pushing oneself at this kind intensity brings great short term results. This is great to do when one is a competitive athlete or likes to push their body to it’s limits. But, except for the few physically gifted specimens out there, the body eventually does breakdown. This is why so many people have chronic back, neck, hip, knee pain, hernias, and fibramyalgia symptoms. This is why so many athletes have to give up on the the sport they love. Too strenuous of movement, over time, makes parts of the body eventually break down.

This is a very different path than the first, but both eventually end with the same result: lack of mobility and chronic pain.

But there is a different way! You can treat your body like the home it is, and find a way to workout that is healing, invigorating and feels good when you move.  The more it feels good, the more you’ll wanna do it. The more you do it, the better you get at it. The better you get at moving in general, the more active your lifestyle naturally becomes!

Can I get a Yoga high five?

So let me show you how to develop a life-long love for exercise. There are two ways I can help:

Locally – Intuitive Movement Classes or Privates

Globally – online LIVIN’ program,  COMING SOON!



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