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What is SOUL Food?


Food that is  produced with the focus of health for all of the plants, animals and  ecosystem it is grown in. Farmers that grow the most vibrant and healthy plants/animals, never have a problem selling their goods. Why? Because they taste the best. People notice and feel a difference in their health and vibrancy. And, because people appreciate the effort put forth by the farmers and want to support them. These farmers are considered a very important part of the community.

Two qualifications that make righteous food:

1) The healthiest plants and animals make the most nutritious food.

2) The more chemicals or processing necessary to modify, grow, formulate, package, and/or cook the food, the more ingestion of unhealthy residues and loss of  nutritional value in the food.

Simply put, the closest a tomato is to it’s most natural and healthy state, the most nutritious it can be. That is why plucking an heirloom right off the vine is  many people’s favorite tomato memory. You’ll understand why a tomato is actually a fruit when you bite into a righteous tomato! It starts with treating the soil as a living entity, companion planting to create natural balance and protection for the plants, and timely harvesting for optimal ripeness and nutritional value. If these and a few other principles are applied, as done with most organic farming, the pesticides, hormones and genetic modification would not be necessary.

The bottom line, time and processing after harvest will deplete whatever live nutrition was available. And, ANYTHING added during processing and packaging is either toxic or unnecessary (for your health). Fillers, emulsifiers, colorings, stabilizers, etc. are commonly used in all processed foods. The body can’t use any these, so they must be discarded as trash. The more trash you take in, the harder it is for your body to keep up with “taking out the trash” and the body must find a safe way to store. And what is our safest and easily expandable storage place? Adipose tissue! Or commonly referred to as FAT. Yep, the more you intake “trash”, the more your body needs Fat storage. It’s as simple as that. That’s why sometimes you feel like you are not eating that much but cannot lose weight. Your body is trying to protect you from the foreign substances you consume disguised as food or “generally recognized as safe” substances. Cut out the crap and watch the fat slowly flush away!

So clean your house, people!  You’re one true and only life-long home. Because if you don’t, the build up will eventually be more than your body can keep up with. Eventually you will have pest problems (ex. Candida or other yeast, bacteria, parasites colonizing your gut and circulatory system). If they remain unchecked, over time it will weaken the the gut and immune system and eventually create chronic pain disorders, diseases states and potentially cancer. Here’s one example:

Are you ready to start eating Righteous Food my friends? It all begins with learning where your food comes from. When it comes to food, cheap and convenient should never be the deciding factor. Instead set your standards high for your health and the health of our environment. For this kind of future, Sustainable, Organic, Unique, and Local farming is the absolute best options we have, so show your support!

Your health and home will thank you.

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